wine angle…

i don’t think i’ve had one glass of wine since i moved to bellingham. i blame it on the lack of hannah johnson in my life…






2 responses to “wine angle…”

  1. Shadowdog Avatar

    Okay, so I have a question as someone who doesn’t know a lot about professional photography. How many photos did you snap of those wine bottles to come up with this one? I mean, do you just KNOW the perfect angle and just snap one or do you snap a bunch and pick the one you like the most?

  2. katie Avatar

    hey shadow, well… i guess after shooting for a couple of years, i sort of know what something will look like with a certain lens – so i saw the wine bottles lined up like this, crouched down on the ground to get a different perspective, and i knew if i put my wide angle on, or my 50mm 1.4 lens, that i could get a shot like this. i probably took 4 or 5 shots…

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