what do you think, is it ok to put your picture on a resume?






6 responses to “what do you think, is it ok to put your picture on a resume?”

  1. Emily Katelyn Avatar
    Emily Katelyn

    yep. Love the lashes, what is her story?

  2. katie Avatar

    oh, this is our local pizza fairy, hannah johnson. and my best friend and roommate. she wanted some headshots for her resume, which i thought was a good idea – but we’ve come across some alternate opinions – and i wondered what folks thought about the picture on the resume issue!

  3. John Avatar

    I think it depends where the resume is going. Fortune 500 company vs. modeling school. Regardless, this photo is badass! What makes it for me is the fine hair cutting across the frame. I thought it was on my computer screen for a second and went to wipe it off. tricky.

  4. Tim Altnether Avatar
    Tim Altnether

    Firstly, really enjoy the photo. Great detail. As far as using headshots for a resume, it really depends on the potential hirerer. Personally, I would never use a photo of myself because I don’t want to come off as overly arrogant or cocky. I feel it’s good to use a “less is more” approach. Use the resume to let the reader draw from your skills. If the hirerer likes what he/she sees, then use the interview as the time to show off your face, but more importantly, your personality.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Gorgeous pic! I went back and forth on the idea, but ultimately I have to say not a fan of the pic on resume idea. Maybe I am just too ole’ school, but b/c it is not common, I am afraid that instead of it standing out in a good way, could come across as: hire me b/c I am beautiful, aka: I dont have enough confidence in my skills to let the resume ride on its own.
    Besides, Hanni has nothing to worry about. Will fair well with her resume and will knock them out of their seats with her interviews. Love-love-love the pic though. Captured out dear gal well.

  6. Cat Szalkowski Avatar
    Cat Szalkowski

    …this is so funny, my roommate from Munich and I were just talking about this the other day; She was surprised that we DON’T include a mugshot with our CV’s here because they are required to most of the time in Germany. personally, i agree with ‘anonymous’s’ comment.

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