6 thoughts on “what can i say… i’m might be a total nerd.”

  1. Katie, that is *amazing*!!!
    What a beautiful place to spend some time!
    Have fun!

  2. fancy and snobbish! i like it.

    now you should go up in the attic and look for a 1890’s dress, put it on, go into the ball room and take a self-portrait. that would make quite a picture:)

  3. Jeronimo Nisa

    The million dollar question is: how much do you pay to live in that paradise?

  4. what a lovely place, Katie! I had you on my google reader and just finally sat down and went through EVERYONE’S… but your place looks beautiful- you’ll do well there;-)


  5. $275/month?!?!? Are you freakin’ serious? Can I move in too? ;-) Fun video. I love stuff like that. Maybe I’ll do one on my house. It’s too fun.

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