13 thoughts on “the lummi nation birds, eagles and great blue herons”

  1. Wow! You should publish a book with all the great bird images, etc., that you’ve accumulated. No kidding.

  2. Sheila Johnson

    these are so much better and more elegant than the ballet i saw last week (for sure!)

  3. thanks for the comments guys! amanda, i owe you a hundred toning sessions for all of the advice you’ve shared with me this year alone… we should go over toning at the joe bar when you’re home! ryan, no secret… although i do have an unnatural love of birds…what?

  4. I normally hate bird photos…but these are incredible…very cool and unique!

  5. F! These are some nice photos katie. The first one is epic and I really love the 7th one. I agree with Mr. Laker..do a book.

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