sumas community days festival…






3 responses to “sumas community days festival…”

  1. August Kryger Avatar
    August Kryger

    Wow, you got some freakin' stellar images there. I don't even know which one I like the best. The first one definitely caught my eye the most, so maybe that one.

  2. Steve Bartel Avatar
    Steve Bartel

    Couple things:

    1. Congratulations on Eddie Adams.

    2. I think after all these years, that sushi picture is still my favorite of yours. And I don't even like sushi.

    3. It feels weird to say "after all these years".

  3. Taylor Emrey Glascock Avatar
    Taylor Emrey Glascock

    The slip and slide photo for the win! Or…maybe the moon bounce…well, nevermind, I agree with August.

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