squalicum beach IV






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  1. Ryan Gibbons Avatar
    Ryan Gibbons

    why does hank always slouch like that when you take pictures of him? ;)

  2. katie Avatar

    ha. ryan, funny you should notice that. he does that because when i tell him to sit and stay, he automatically thinks he’s in trouble. i don’t know why, he gets in trouble like once a year… but as soon as i put the camera down and call for him, he runs toward me with the exhilaration of being let out of jail.

  3. Fred Barnes Avatar
    Fred Barnes

    Katie, you should do a series of Hank portraits. You have some great images of him in various places. I took a series of portraits of you when you were about 1 year old in your baby stroller in front of all the Washington, DC monuments.


  4. andrewlaker Avatar

    That top one is so damn good.

  5. Mark Malijan Avatar
    Mark Malijan

    They make tall boy Budweiser cans like that? Shopping trip.

  6. katie Avatar


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