south haven beach…

okay, so i went a little crazy here… but i had so much fun shooting at lake michigan tonight! and the water was so warm, i was tempted to jump in with all of my clothes on… but, i saved that for another day – as today was super windy and dangerous:
coast guard pulls drowning women from holland beach because of rip tide






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  1. Amanda Avatar

    Maybe not these images specifically, but your close up studies generally– I was reminded:

  2. focused Avatar

    Speechless at every shot, especialy third photo: silhouettes, blowing waves, sunset. I`m found of it.
    Entire series shows again how easy you can change your photojournalistic social-oriented charmfull style with a delicate one.
    That`s something a few can do. Great.

  3. T.J. Hamilton Avatar
    T.J. Hamilton

    I enjoy the way you look at the beach…I’ve been there many times and you have nudged me to look at it differently now. Thanks :)

  4. katie Avatar


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