seriously. do not touch the railings. ever.







6 responses to “seriously. do not touch the railings. ever.”

  1. Gemma-Rose Turnbull Avatar

    Looks like someone had a total lost it at cleaning the railings and went crazy with the printer and sticky tape. Hilarious.

  2. Leslie Avatar

    Invites so much more touching by those feeling contrary and anti-conformist…what, not touch here? ….howbout here?

  3. andy Avatar

    So I guess putting all that sticky tape is not as harmful..?

  4. matthew Avatar

    Crazy. Somehow I suspect that fingerprints on the rail would have looked far less tacky than the smattering of cheap, uncentered (top to bottom) signs. Love the double emphasis caps for the “not,” though.

  5. Parker's Aunt Tere Avatar
    Parker’s Aunt Tere

    This makes me laugh out loud. Love your comment too.

  6. Parker's Aunt Tere Avatar
    Parker’s Aunt Tere

    No matter how many times I look at this picture I stil laugh. It is one of my favorite photos – and the caption is perfect. Perfect!

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