pretty and… oh my god!

so… the top mushroom is a bolete of some kind, found in my parent’s yard in kc. the bottom mushroom was pretty disgusting looking but oh so intriguing! i found it in my friend jena’s new yard in columbia. i’m on the road right now, but i promise i’ll look these up and provide id’s when i get home in a few weeks! unless anyone knows what these are???

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  1. Squire of Minister Lake

    The top mushroom is indeed a bolete, probably a 'Two-colored Bolete,' although it is usually found in oak woods. Its edibility is "choice." Outside possibilities are: 'Shaggy-stalked Bolete,' which has a smaller cap than this one seems to have; and 'Red Gyroporus,' also found under oaks (and other trees) and also edible.

    The bottom one is an "Elegant Stinkhorn,' which grows in wood debris, leaf litter and rich soil. Not edible.

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