one face…

at first, i was only going to post my bizarre crop/tone version of this,
but then i thought how strange it was, that after i cropped in…
even without toning at all – i couldn’t tell if this was a girl or a boy.
then i thought about how earlier in the day on an assignment i was going
to ask a couple what the name of their daughter was – but i realized,
i had no idea if their baby was a boy or girl. (she was probably 4 months old)
this makes me curious about gender development and, i think i understand
more fully, how some people feel… caught between genders.
i hope no one feels offended by my thoughts.
oh the precipitation that percolates from a bizarre crop…

(top photo is toned = levels brought in, over-saturated, curves brought down, dodged eyes)
(bottom photo is levels brought in)

4 thoughts on “one face…”

  1. Katie, I love the controlled depth of field you get with that 50mm 1.4 lens. Also love the contrast between the blue eyes and the freckles. Fred

  2. It’s all about the bottom one for me– the freckles and the blue eyes popping with the bluish background. That is truly lovely. What was it for?

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