nic gareiss and his fancy feet

photo courtesy of nic’s myspace page:
Gráda – Shock On

i had the pleasure of hanging out with nic tonight after finishing my multimedia piece for the press – this kid is AMAZING!
he comes into this video at about 2:10…

3 thoughts on “nic gareiss and his fancy feet”

  1. oh dad – you’re such a great father. you have such confidence in me! but, sadly, i did not do this video. i think with my budget, and equipment, i could’ve maybe shined that kid’s shoes before he went on stage. ;) heeeheee

  2. Hi Katie

    Was on Mlive this morning looking at reviews of the Great Lakes Irish Music Festival last Saturday night and saw your pics – awesome!

    I was there taking shots just for my enjoyment of photography and saw you shooting – I was very impressed with how you went about your business – very courageous – jumped right in there and took pics of everything. I was going to ask you a few questions but saw you were probably working and didn’t want to interrupt.

    Anyways, your shots put mine to shame but I had fun! . . . Here’s my pics . . .

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