my first MOOSE! totally worth the early sunday morning assignment…

so… i’m driving about an hour north of concord this morning at around 7:30 am, and suddenly i see this giant animal of almost entirely legs lope across the road! i immediately pulled my car to the side of the road, in the direction that the moose was going… and i searched and searched and finally spotted it in the woods, staring me down! it waited for a moment, and then started back toward the road. so i spun my car around, 70-200 lens in hand, and got a nice little shot of my very first moose!






2 responses to “my first MOOSE! totally worth the early sunday morning assignment…”

  1. Octavian Cantilli Avatar
    Octavian Cantilli

    Those crazy bastards!… I wonder what this one forgot on the other side of the road. lol

  2. RACHEL WOLFE Avatar

    Oh congratulations! What a beautiful moment and great capture! I love coming in close contact with wild animals. Always reminds me of the awesome and bizarre nature of life!

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