Murder in Ferndale…

this was one of the hardest days i’ve had working at a newspaper yet… i arrived on site about 2 hours after the call was made to police regarding the bodies of a mother and child found. i spent the entire day with friends and relatives… mostly talking with them, and listening to their stories about laura and her son dominic. it was hard, but at the same time, i felt honored to be accepted there. click here to more pictures: photo gallery on the herald site






4 responses to “Murder in Ferndale…”

  1. Shadowdog Avatar

    You appear to be a gifted photographer but wow that would be a tough call, spending time with a victim’s family on the worst day of their lives.

  2. Shadowdog Avatar

    How did I find you? Well, a couple times a week I use that “next blog” button we have at the top of our blogs. It takes you to random blogs each time you press it. Most of them suck, or just aren’t my cup of tea, or are in foreign languages, or have been long abandoned. But every now and then I run across a really cool looking blog like this one.

    I probably sound really bored to do these Random Blog Walks but hey, about half of the blogs I’m currently addicted to have been discovered this way so it’s all good.

  3. DeeDee Avatar

    Oh Katie. That must have been so difficult.
    My heart goes out to these people.

  4. andrewlaker Avatar

    The police tape around the swing set is a chilling image. You did a good job, Katie.

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