most colorful dragonfly…

shot this dragonfly in our front yard on hubbell a few days ago – included the second shot to provide some perspective… this guy was about 4 inches long! awesome…

7 thoughts on “most colorful dragonfly…”

  1. These are fantastic!

    Did you get any other great shots of this?

    we are looking for a dragonfly logo for the dance troupe.

    Also, the director of the troupe has a birthday soon and a cool dragonfly pic would be an great present – can I buy a print?

    So glad to have you back. When we can get it together let’s have coffee!!


  2. Wow Katie, look at the rear wings, they perfectly follow the sape of the tail. Isn’t nature amazing?

    I love that pink tail, and yes the 100mm 2.8 macro it’s a jewel

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