i couldn’t help but bring this back to life…

36 hours in Columbia… from katie barnes on Vimeo.

it’s way too long, i needed a tripod, and it needs some serious music… but hey, we had fun right? seriously, i can’t remember… ;) MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!






2 responses to “i couldn’t help but bring this back to life…”

  1. Steve Bartel Avatar
    Steve Bartel

    Oh man, that seems like so long ago. That newspaper was like a high school for adults a lot of times, but I really did love it. Thanks for doing that video by the way, I’m sure I won’t be the only one suffering from a severe bout of nostalgia.

  2. sally morrow photojournalism Avatar
    sally morrow photojournalism

    Hilarious blast from the past – you are too much.

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