hopkinton living history cemetery walk






4 responses to “hopkinton living history cemetery walk”

  1. photophanatic1887 Avatar

    Oh my gosh! My hometown does this too for Defeat of Jesse James days.. only at night… and super spooky! Awesome shots. I like the sense of movement in number 2.

  2. Hermes Avatar

    makes me want to use the words "ye" and "olden" more often.

  3. Emily Katelyn Avatar
    Emily Katelyn

    Oooh what a fun assignment. I really like the top photo, has a nice feel to it.

  4. Fred Barnes Avatar
    Fred Barnes

    Every event should have a subject with a cool hat. I love the way you framed the old guy's face in the black metal. Funny how creative composition can make a simple event into a powerful image.

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