high school state track meet… my first!

okay… so i’ve never shot track before. let me know what you think of these images, but more importantly, tell me how you figure out where to focus for this stuff! i had so many pictures out of focus because these dudes move so fast. THANKS!

i was almost inspired to start exercising rigorously until i saw things like this:

7 thoughts on “high school state track meet… my first!”

  1. Wow! The one of the guy jumping the hurdle is amazing. He looks like a super hero action figure!
    Can’t help you with the focus thing…. the same happened to me with tennis. 600 pictures- most of which were a sloppy blur! What you got looks good though. Yowzaaa…

  2. these are great. the third shot is cementing in my mind, the position of him is so graceful and the added element of the bar falling is really cool. i think you nailed the focus here too.

    also first one is a good overall, what SS were you using for that? like 1/30?

  3. ps- does the paper have any nikon equip to borrow for a day? i think even some of their older cameras have really good focusing systems for fast-paced action like this.

  4. I am so excited about all the amazing work you’ve been doing out there. Interning really agrees with you!


    Hey! I really like the motion blur in the first shot. I think it’s a virtue not to be preoccupied with stopping the action in environments where things around you move so fast. I also like how the colored end of the lens flare imitates the athlete in the vertical photo. And thanks for your comment about the tin platers! Yep, I’ll be back in the fall.

  6. All the posted photos seem to have good focus.
    I agree that the first one is all right and has a beautiful composition. The runners are blurred because you were straight on the movement direction and the final effect is superb. If you intended the athlets to be in focus you should have either a.panned or b.shorten the shutter time. With focus locked (half pressed shutter), of course.
    Good work, congrats!

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