geekaid 2009

geekaid is a grand rapids event where a variety of local bands perform in the park,
and they raise money for scholarships for students in technology-related (geeky) fields.

5 thoughts on “geekaid 2009”

  1. The top one’s cool in a creepy kind of way. I’m curious if you included it in the edit you pushed for the paper.

  2. hey steve… no i didn’t include it as one of my selects for the paper. i don’t usually select anything where the subject is staring right at me… although, i’ve seen them run things that are similar in the past…

  3. The shot of the girl between her dad’s legs is interesting. The Jack Russel standing up makes me laugh :)

  4. Sally Morrow Photojournalism

    Katie – the first one is my favorite – amazing – please enter it in the portrait category of CPOY…or maybe you’ve moved onto POY by now. Again, you impress me. ps. thanks for commenting on my blog.

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