from the february 2009 archives… building the backyard chicken coop!

i wanted to post these pictures a while ago, but never got around to it. after moving into the bellingham house on grant st., several of my roommates said we should get chickens. i thought they would be a lot of work, and not really worth it… but we found the coop on craigslist for free, and the chickens on… craigslist for free! ah, bellingham. we sectioned off a 10′ by 50′ area of our yard for our six chickens and their coop, and that was about it. we gave them lots of food scraps and found a sweet deal on organic chicken feed from a feed supply store near the border. we normally would get between 4 and 5 eggs a day. having backyard chickens was WAY easy, though i hope in the future to be able to have a bigger yard and a moveable coop to rotate them around on fresh grass. so so cool… if anyone is interested in doing this, or has suggestions for doing it better, i’d love to talk to you about it! email –

2 thoughts on “from the february 2009 archives… building the backyard chicken coop!”

  1. that's a nice set. joe's boots in the last one cracked me up. did all of the chickens survive your entire stay?

  2. Awesome!!! I've always wanted to have fresh eggs on a regular basis. Now I just need a back yard!!!

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