from a refugee camp in tanzania to the suburbs of grand rapids

i had to go and shoot a straight portrait of samson and his son hussein for a story on how this family came all the way
from a refugee camp in tanzania only to have their bicycles stolen after they settled into their neighborhood in grand rapids.
the first portrait below is what the paper ran. the rest is me hanging out… which eventually led to a “shoot back” session…
i am loving this miracle that i’m actually getting paid to do this.

3 thoughts on “from a refugee camp in tanzania to the suburbs of grand rapids”

  1. last pic… the lens is sooooo dirty!!!!
    the second pic… the lens is soooo wide. seriously, i know you stood up for me during the danny wilcox frazier workshop when it came to the use of extreme wide angle lenses, but i kinda agree with that way of thinking: distortion doesn’t add anything good to the image, it actually makes it lose something.
    i like them all though. with a plus for the first one. is it a father and his son?

  2. damnit. i knew someone would notice that lens. i’m too busy taking pictures to clean that thing! do you really think that second pic is SOOO distorted? i mean, i know the edges are being pushed a bit – but it doesn’t bother me so much. i’ll keep it in mind though… yep, father and his son on the first one.

  3. Jeronimo Nisa

    This is wonderful.
    And I keep asking: how do you get those wonderful colors, those tones? Is it you in post-production or the 5D (or both)?

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