Frankenstein carries a naked woman's body to be next monster in GreenHouse Theatre Project's play.

GreenHouse Theatre Project – Frankenstein in Columbia

With a past life as a newspaper photographer, when freelance theatre photography opportunities come up, I am quick to say YES! Elizabeth Braaten-Palmieri owns the alternative GreenHouse Theatre Project in Columbia, MO. Their most recent performance of Frankenstein was truly epic. The play was held in a brick warehouse style building on Walnut St. Attendees were asked to wear masquerade style masks, adding to the eerie feel of the night. Jenny Hipscher played Frankenstein’s monster and quivered with intensity throughout the play.

As a photographer, I am drawn to scenes filled with color. The more bizarre the scene, the more fun to photograph. This rendition of Frankenstein was like eye candy. It had creepy anatomical posters, preserved creatures in jars, and intense lighting. I really had to exercise discipline to not take photos every second!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the performance on Friday night…

This Columbia, MO theatre photography for GreenHouse Theatre Project's Frankenstein.Dominoes are set up during the GTP Frankenstein play in Columbia, MO.GTP performs Frankenstein outside in twilight in downtown Columbia.Skeletons hang from the wall at GTP's Frankenstein.Guests in masks document GTP's Frankenstein on Walnut St. in Columbia.Jenny Hipscher as monster in Frankenstein in Columbia.Frankenstein performed in downtown Columbia while viewers with masks watch.A coyote head is preserved in a jar for GTP Frankenstein.Actor over papers in blue light for Frankenstein.Monster learns to read during GTP's Frankenstein performance.People watch the community theater Frankenstein from balcony.Freelance theater photography of GTP's Frankenstein in downtown Columbia.Monster in tattered clothes during community theater Frankenstein.Scared people watch Frankenstein on Walnut St.Amy Higgins watches Frankenstein while wearing an eye mask.Elizabeth Palmieri, actor with GreenHouse Theatre Project cries from balcony during Frankenstein in Columbia, MO.GTP performs Frankenstein in brick building in Como.Frankenstein scene is projected onto a visitor to see the play.Jenny Hipscher is the monster in Frankenstein in mid-MO.A guest watches GTP's Frankenstein performance at Hoot Design Co.Frankenstein is performed during this community theatre photography session in Columbia.Elizabeth Palmieri is trapped behind a window during GTP's Frankenstein.Frankenstein carries a naked woman's body to be next monster in GreenHouse Theatre Project's play.A man in blue light watches Frankenstein in Columbia.Guests in masks watch Frankenstein theatre play.Monster sniffing beautiful girl in Frankenstein by GreenHouse Theatre Project.Woman in a mask watches as Frankenstein carries monster through play.GTP Frankenstein performance at brick warehouse building in Columbia, MO.Tim Pilcher performs music for GTP's Frankenstein.Guests in masks watch community theatre by Elizabeth Braaten Palmieri.Elizabeth Palmieri performs emotional Frankenstein play in Columbia, MO.Girl dies on the ground in Frankenstein by GTP in Como.Frankenstein monster running through streets of Columbia, MO.A woman texts on her phone in a brick warehouse in Columbia, MO after Frankenstein play.People play backgammon during Frankenstein performance by alternative theatre group, GreenHouse in Columbia.GTP theater guests hang out in brick warehouse.Jenny Hipscher as Frankenstein's monster with gruesome makeup in Columbia.The Frankenstein performance by GreenHouse comes to an end with a hug.Freelance Theatre Photography in Columbia, MO

Elizabeth Palmieri owns and operates GreenHouse Theatre Project. She asked me to try and capture the perspective of the viewers during Frankenstein. It’s always hard not to focus on the “action” during a performance like this, but focusing on the emotion of the people watching the actors was like a play in itself. There are so many scenes that are terrifying in Frankenstein. People watching were so deeply drawn in to what was happening, a real testament to the talent of these actors.

Thanks to GreenHouse for inviting me to capture some incredible moments and allowing me to be creative during this freelance theatre photography assignment!


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  1. Elizabeth Braaten Palmieri Avatar
    Elizabeth Braaten Palmieri

    Still love seeing these through the audience’s eyes. Many thanks, K.

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