forever young…

When Jerry White was forced to retire at the age of 70, he decided to go back to school and get his third master’s degree, this time in education. He’s been teaching math at a community college since. “You know Rod Stewart’s song, ‘Forever Young’? Well, that’s my theme song,” he told me over coffee. I met Jerry in Keene, NH after meeting with a wedding couple. He had time to kill, and I didn’t have power, so we spent some time talking about life.







10 responses to “forever young…”

  1. Jonathan Canlas Avatar
    Jonathan Canlas

    this is my favorite entry of yours, ever.

  2. katie Avatar

    Wow! Thank you Jonathan…

  3. Jeronimo Nisa Avatar
    Jeronimo Nisa

    The top one got me hooked for a long time.

  4. j-to-tha-izzole Avatar

    the portrait is perfect in every way. beautiful light, personality, and moment.

  5. Brian Kelly Avatar
    Brian Kelly

    Katie…the last portrait is inspiring and arguably the best photo I've seen you post. Perfect blog entry!

  6. Chris Barnes Avatar
    Chris Barnes

    beautiful shot! don't like the middle one contrast's with the third one too much. think it takes away from a viewers digestion of this man. we want to ask. who is he? what is he doing.. i don't know but he's a jolly ole chap

  7. Gemma-Rose Turnbull Avatar
    Gemma-Rose Turnbull

    I love this little series. He is gorgeous. Your photos are (as per usual) gorgeous. It's a great combo.

  8. Emily Katelyn Avatar
    Emily Katelyn

    Sounds like a quietly perfect afternoon.

  9. Colter Avatar

    He looks like a good coffee buddy. Third masters degree?? Whoah. I agree that the middle one is distracting when viewing the three of these as a whole. You are the master of portraits. I wish you could play croquet w/ me today!

  10. Leslie.Baird Avatar

    love them all, the second is the one I want framed and hung on my wall.

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