dad and i shot up the arch…

to see my dad’s pictures go to his blog at:






4 responses to “dad and i shot up the arch…”

  1. ParkerMB Avatar

    my fav is the first one, i’d love to see a multiple-exposure compilation of one person doing some cartwheels in this spot. also, how often do st. louis-ans just go hang out at the arch?

  2. Emily Katelyn Avatar
    Emily Katelyn

    I love the top shot as well. What is in the air above them. It looks like a balloon?

  3. hook Avatar

    i really like the first one too!

    p.s. i was just creeping on your dad’s pics and saw myself in one! too weird:

    i saw a photog there but i had no idea it was your dad!

  4. Steve Bartel Avatar
    Steve Bartel

    I lived a few blocks from there once upon a time. For some reason those steps running down to the water remain one of my favorite places to sit and take things in. Never did figure out why.

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