crossing the border for dairy…

so, obviously some camera awareness going on here… but, i thought it was an interesting story. so i went to pick up chicken feed out in blaine, right on the border of cananda, and everyone tells me that i’ve got to stop at ed and aileen’s dairy to get an ice cream cone. because they’re huge, and cheap. it’s true, they are. and i even went the extra mile and bought a GALLON and a half of espresso chip (my favorite), because it was $8.50! (you can see this in the corner of the frame, another no no) so, these people are in front of me, and their cart was loaded with milks… i took the picture because it was interesting, but after they left, the cashier told me that they come in every week and buy about that much milk because they’re vegetarians and they get most of their protein from dairy. they’re from canada, and it’s so much cheaper in the u.s. that the travel across the border to buy it. interesting…

3 thoughts on “crossing the border for dairy…”

  1. ::: Eddie Quiñones :::

    Definitely interesting. I smell story. Camera awareness? Some of my favorite photographers have had stories with there is obvious camera/photographer awareness. I think we get caught up in SOME of the rules we were taught and pass up a good photo every now and then. I really like this photo…eyes staring at me and all.

  2. The idea that someone is not aware of a person following them around with a camera is preposterous – some people just hide it better or care less than others. Don’t be afraid to work with it.

    Your items in the frame are also a non-factor unless you make a point of it. Sometimes I think rules like this were discussed is school solely to give us something to discuss – in this case and many others, it doesn’t matter at all.

    Also, they drink some serious milk if they’re going to go through that before it expires. Color me impressed.

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