brunch by ben AND jena randolph… an ode to anjali pinto

jena’s husband ben randolph is an amazing chef in the columbia, mo area. he made brunch for all of us and i’ve promised to trade him food pictures for his future website in exchange for eating his food! anjali pinto is (was?) a grad student at MU and a fabulous photographer of exquisite food… i’ve learned a thing or two from checking out her work.







4 responses to “brunch by ben AND jena randolph… an ode to anjali pinto”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Just to refresh your memory AGAIN Ms. Barnes – I made the effin' waffles!

  2. katie Avatar

    oh yes. title will be ammended.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    tee-hee. miss you already.

  4. Anjali Pinto Avatar
    Anjali Pinto

    Beautiful! thank you so much for the shout out. Somehow I've become weeks behind on my blog reading.

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