best. dog. ever.

hank, white dog, polar bear, grampadog, hankers, hanky spanky, hank the tank, bunny rabbit, mr. bones, white devil, buddha, old man, sniffers, hunt, spankers…

no matter what he was called, i think he was the best dog in the world.

i had to put hank to sleep last month. he had cancer and went downhill pretty fast.

he was my best friend.

hank… 1998(ish) – 2009

(photos were taken by several of hank’s fantastic photographer friends, and are arranged in no particular order)

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  1. I miss him too. You two were a great team. What a nice collage you made for him.

    Wherever he is, he's eating all the Challah bread he wants now.

  2. hank liked challah too? i guess he's the kind of legend that gets even cooler as time goes on. i've known many dogs, and i don't want to say that hank is the best dog ever, because my dog might be listening in.. or hank may tell her when they meet in the afterlife that i thought he was cooler.. but.. you know. he is. sorry daisy.

  3. Hey Katie just saw your post of Hank. I will totally agree he is one of the best dogs if not the best dog I have ever known. I have known a lot and he was a true representation of what a dog should be and aspire to become.


  4. Beautiful, it looks like he had a wonderful life. I just lost my 11 year old, best buddy last week so I share your sadness.

  5. He was a great dog and without a doubt the greatest dog I have ever known. One of the benefits of being a photographer is capturing slices of your life that you can cherish years later.

  6. so sorry to hear about Hank, Katie. looks like you guys made a lifetime of memories together, though. hugs, a

  7. These are fantastic, what a tribute. And it's true, that he was the best dog ever. Looking through these I can't believe all the stuff he tolerated over the years… the perfect companion for a dog-loving photographer.

  8. A great bunch of photos honoring Hank. While I didn't know Hank as well as many folks, he was always a welcome addition to any get together, float, whatever. He looked good in hats. He wasn't a snob and seemed accepting of everyone. He obviously loved Katie to bits. He had soulful eyes and the most wonderful mellow personality. And he was handsome to boot. Hank had a wonderful life with Katie; she didn't treat him like a pet but like a friend. We'll miss you, Hank.

  9. Gorgeous tribute to your friend. Sad to hear about that, but it looks like you had some beautiful times together.

  10. Awww, sorry about your buddy, Katie. Looks like he had a full life, and it's evident he was loved very much.

  11. aw, thanks for all the thoughtful and kind comments guys… i feel like just making the photo collage was a good way for me to make progress in getting through losing him. i'm so glad i got to share it with all of the people who knew him, and in a way, to introduce him to all the people who hadn't ever felt his calm presence… :) thanks again for writing…

  12. 'Nusketa' was our last family dog. She got a bad ill too. I went to the bet with my mother. I remember my eyes getting fuzzy and a tear down my cheek.

    Grate Homage. Some of the pictures are super.

  13. what a pretty puppy :)
    looks like he had an awesome life.
    i'm so sorry about your loss.
    -colters little sister, sydney

  14. I'm so sorry Katie. We lost Tarzan, our own beloved golden lab, to leukemia a while ago. It's heartbreaking. Your pictures of Hank are so beautiful.

  15. I am sorry to hear about your pup Katie!

    This is certainly a great tribute to him though. I don't think I have ever seen a greater collection of pet photos. Really really great stuff. I only wish I could have met him when you were still in Columbia!

  16. Katie, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I'm glad you had Hank for such a long time, you'll have beautiful memories.

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