baseball, you are on my bad list.

in my defense, this is the second game i’ve shot. but seriously… why can’t they play with a bigger ball? like something the size of a soccer ball? or what about intermittent leg cramps, so they slow the hell down once in a while?

5 thoughts on “baseball, you are on my bad list.”

  1. Yea, baseball is a difficult sport to get good action from. Too often it’s a pitching contest. It will be easier the next time you shoot.


  2. It gets easier, especially as you begin to understand the rules. My heart goes out to you!

  3. Prep baseball can be pretty rough, but I like the challenge. It never fails – ever time I watch a game, I always see something different. Always. The hard part is trying to capture it. Me, I don’t like soccer. My main gripe about it is “why the hell is the field so frickin’ big?”

  4. andrew, you crack me up… thanks guys for your encouragement. we’ll see what happens if they ever let me shoot it again!

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