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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    These are really cool pictures. I always think the best pictures are ones that aren't posed or anything just really natural. Since you're a professional photographer you most likely already know this but my sister used to yell at me because I would use her camera battery up snapping pictures of what she called "worthless crap" which I thought was untrue. Bottom line: you're pictures made me feel something and that's the best thing any artist of any kind could do.

  2. Daniapatricia Avatar

    The first photo is amazing. As it was loading I saw the top half…already liking it. Then when the rest loaded I noticed that she was so happy with the bubble that she hadn't realized a missing shoe (or at least that's what I saw). Really great feelings i get from viewing this picture.

  3. Anastasia Webb Avatar
    Anastasia Webb

    Your work is phenomenal! I love the picture with the kids, its just great! you really inspire someone as young as me to persue photography..

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