6 thoughts on “a tour of snow pond!”

  1. Katie, you have been THE most wonderful ‘Six Senses’ tour guide, thank you.

    I have my fingers crossed for a big Lotto win in the near future so that I can come and visit your pocket of paradise – it truly is magical!

    xx Felicity

  2. Hi Katie, It was a pleasure to meet you on Felicity blog, it was a fabulous tour .Your photographs are amazing and you made every readers want to come and visit you special place on the edge of paradise :)
    Sandrine x

  3. Your garden looks fantastic. It almost looks summery there. I am crashing your place once I get done skiing.

  4. Hi Katie,
    Beautiful pictures as usual! I just love following your blog. You do amazing work. I always missed that little cabin, and now I really miss it. You showed us the simple beauty all around it.

  5. Hi Katie,

    I fell in love with your gorgeous little corner in the world! Your pictures are awesome, I am sure you will make many bridals happy!

    Have a loveliest of weekends xx

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