zelda goes canoeing…

apparently, she’s more concerned with her appearance than balancing her 80 pound self in the canoe… apologies for the overzealous vintage toning.  i got a little carried away, and don’t feel like re-toning.  ;)




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3 responses to “zelda goes canoeing…”

  1. JPH Avatar

    Get OUT! Aaannnd cute.

  2. Jeronimo Nisa Avatar

    I LIKE the overzealous vintage toning (wish I knew how to do it).
    And another thing: I can’t understand how you make those pics shot with d2h look so good. I also used d2h half of the time, but what a difference!

  3. admin Avatar

    thanks jero! well, i’m not sure what i did with the d2h pics, i think they look grainy as hell!

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