yet another reason for a farm sink…






9 responses to “yet another reason for a farm sink…”

  1. Emily Katelyn Avatar
    Emily Katelyn

    I love all the character in this photo, the bananas, the dish soap, and of course the little one

  2. Andy Bronson Avatar
    Andy Bronson

    Beauty pic! Just wash yer dishes thoroughly!

  3. Farkel McStank Avatar
    Farkel McStank

    this pic is bones. well done, kt.

  4. RACHEL WOLFE Avatar

    Always excellent lighting in your work. Everything feels alive and breathing!

    I have always wanted a sink, counter and window situation like this in a home….

  5. Chris Barnes Avatar
    Chris Barnes

    this has magazine written all over it

  6. Gina.Arlie Avatar

    This is absolutely joyous and perfect, I love it! I don't know anything about photography… but you always seem to do all the right things. This is one of many phenomenal photos.

  7. Jeronimo Nisa Avatar
    Jeronimo Nisa


  8. Molly Avatar

    First off she's gorgeous! But she came from Nora so who is surprised?

    Secondly, I like the wine opener next to the baby shampoo. Perhaps I should adopt this coping mechanism when shampooing puppies!

  9. roger35mm Avatar

    dude… i'm so with the rest of the choir on this one… sweet pixy.

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