the red balloon…

* for those of you who are envious of this lucky find… it was not luck at all!  i brought this balloon with me into the woods with the idea in my head that i would hopefully make a picture like the first one you see here.  i usually always let viewers know when photos i post have been set up.  i thought this one was obvious, but i won’t assume again!  thanks for looking, – k






5 responses to “the red balloon…”

  1. ParkerMB Avatar

    Seriously?? How did you find this/why was it there? As usual, lovely light and nice pics.

  2. Devin Greaney Avatar

    I love everything about this .. amazed you happened upon this luck find!!

  3. Sean Proctor Avatar
    Sean Proctor

    It really is such a wonderful scene. Reminds me of children’s fantasy books or something similar. I love it!

    -Sean (friend of Neil Blake and Libby March)

  4. ParkerMB Avatar

    so I just read on facebook that you brought the balloon with you?? the pictures are still very neat but the mysetery surrounding the scene has been “popped” for me…

  5. katie Avatar

    yep yep… meant to respond to these comments earlier, and spaced. indeed… i definitely brought this balloon with! this is at most a so-so art picture, but nothing that would run in the paper!

    i’ve been thinking about doing a whole series with the red balloon… we’ll see how that goes. :)

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