the christmas movie…a labor of love!

as most of you know – or can see from my blog – i’m sort of a work-a-holic. i’d rather call it passion-a-holic, but… you know.

over christmas break, i shot about 9800 frames in an effort to put together a flipbook of stills from our trip. here’s the final result, and i apologize in advance for the load time!






4 responses to “the christmas movie…a labor of love!”

  1. Aaron Avatar

    Wow. That’s quite an undertaking. Good work.

  2. focused Avatar

    Huge work with production and post-ediitting, but touching result. Exceedingly beautiful flipbook I ever saw.
    P.S. Did you ever think about directing?

  3. Ryan Gladstone Avatar
    Ryan Gladstone

    Exceptionally well done.

    How long did that take to produce!?

  4. katie Avatar

    this took about… 28 hours. most of the time was spent trying to figure out what program to use.
    (soundslides vs. flash)

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