the barnittles visit the simoni’s for a christmas tree!

I know this post is a few months late… but I wanted to share these pictures, despite the tree being taken down a month ago!  Max and I photographed Jon and Leia’s wedding last fall, and they were kind enough to let us cut down a Christmas tree from their property in Warner, NH.  Zelda had too much fun playing with their dogs, and we somehow managed to fit back into the Prius and get our tree home.  :)  Thanks Jon and Leia… our tree was perfect!




4 responses to “the barnittles visit the simoni’s for a christmas tree!”

  1. Jeanne Barnes Avatar
    Jeanne Barnes


  2. DL Anderson Avatar

    Whoa now. I believe that’s a younger Luke Duke jumping in that Prius. Nice work. Makes me want to pay a visit in mis-matched winter wear and snuggle with that big ol’ dog.

  3. admin Avatar

    Derek, you’re welcome to come and snuggle anytime! :)

  4. Erin Avatar

    Great photos, Katie! Loving these images and the fact that y’all actually went and chopped down your own Christmas tree. I don’t know of any places like that in Louisiana, but I certainly want to find one for next Christmas!

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