taking a few deep breaths on my porch…

so… i know i’ve been neglecting my own personal blog lately.  i’m finding that processing a wedding takes a LOT more time than i’d realized!  today i took a little break away from the wedding work to shoot a few pictures for myself (and you too) on my porch.  i think the plant is an aspen tree that chelsea or lori planted here.  zelda unfortunately used it as a chew toy a while back, but it’s rebounding nicely!  the last photo is a huge old wooden box that max got at a local auction.  i think we’re going to fill it with ice and beer for our wedding… also on snow pond.  :)

3 thoughts on “taking a few deep breaths on my porch…”

  1. Oh it HAS been a long time since I popped in.
    Wedding! YIPPEEEEE!!!

    It looks like I’d better go and make a cup of coffee and do some serious catching up in this glorious space.

    Loving the dew drop captures in these images Katie and how much fun is the label on the side of the crate? I’d love me some pan dandy every day too.

    Happy day Lovely!

    xx Felicity

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