snow storm pictures and an explanation for my absence… :)

So, I think this has been my longest absence from posting since I began this blog in 2007.  I have still been taking pictures, and I have a pretty big folder of images that I’ve been storing up to share here… but since Max and I switched roles in May of this year, our wedding business has been taking up all of my time!  Also, we got married.  That took up some time too I guess.  :)  MARRIED!  I cannot believe it.  I will post photos of our nuptial spectacular event on where else but Snow Pond soon… but first have to finish processing the weddings we photographed on Sept. 10, Oct. 2, and Oct. 8!  Then, ours will see the light of day.  :)

Things should slow down in the next few months, and I promise to pick back up my daily posting habits as soon as possible!  :)

Here are some photos from the past few days… I figured I should at least share photos of the historic snow storm that buried us last night!

This photo is from Thursday, Oct. 28th looking toward the pond…

And here we have what our backyard looked like last night, Oct. 29th at around 7 pm…

…and here is the same scene, but taken this morning (Oct. 30th) at around 9 am…

3 thoughts on “snow storm pictures and an explanation for my absence… :)”

  1. It’s so good to have you back – I’ve missed my daily dose of your wonderful images. Congratulations on your marriage – I hope you had a decent photographer!

    Here in Sydney, Australia the early TV news is full of the great white-out in the States, so it’s lovely to see some beauty has come out of it in your amazing images.

  2. Happy belated wedding/anniversary! That’s so exciting, and definitely is an OK excuse for not blogging. ;) I did the same thing when I got married last fall, too.

    And these snowstorm images are stunning. As always. Makes me kind of wish we got snow down here, even though that would be a DISASTER! Enjoy the snowy weather and appreciate it for those of us who don’t ever get to see it anymore!

  3. See what happens when I leave your blog for too long?!?
    You get married and then have to snuggle down together in your nest due to a deluge of snow confetti!

    Happy days, hugs and dancing all at once sent your way from me waving from from over the seas,

    xxxx Felicity

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