Seeing Regina… my final project for the Concord Monitor

Here’s my final multimedia project from a story about Regina Neal, an 8-year-old girl in Concord who has a rare genetic disorder that causes partial blindness. I’ll post some of my favorite stills from the story later this week. Thanks for taking the time to watch…

7 thoughts on “Seeing Regina… my final project for the Concord Monitor”

  1. Katie, This is beautiful and amazing! You did such a good job. Loved the start with video and there are lots of great stills. I’m sure you’ll be missed at the Monitor!

  2. This is a terrific multimedia project, I’d say you left the Monitor on a high note. I’m sure you will be missed by the staff but certainly by the readers.

  3. As a lawyer who is legally blind since birth, there are some concerning things that this video brings up. first, there is no reason a child who is legally blind alone should be Leo far behind her classmates, and this is not brought out in the video. Zit may convey the false impression that children with visual impairments should not be expected to achieve at th same rate as their fully sighted peers. it is also concerning that she is missing playtime at recess with her classmates because she has to makeup work. The video doesn’t’t question these aspects of Regina’s school experience, or even seem to realize that ther is something wrong with this picture. The sentimental soundtrack only underscores that no one interviewed, nor the creator seems to have a problem with this. perhaps if you had i insulted with an adult who is visually impairs, you could have done something less fluffy and saccharine, and instead something that looks at why this girl is not getting the same opportunities to succeed with her peers as fully sighted children are. thanks for lrewding the perspective of an adult who is legally blind.

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