Rustic Senior Portrait Photography – Columbia, MO – Freelance Photographer

I recently spent an afternoon photographing Caitlin for a series of rustic senior portraits in Columbia, MO.  We were lucky to have fields, flowers, awesome architecture and absolutely perfect weather for our shoot!  To see more of my portraiture portfolio, or inquire about booking a senior portrait photography session, please visit my portraiture site –


2 responses to “Rustic Senior Portrait Photography – Columbia, MO – Freelance Photographer”

  1. sheila Avatar

    this are really sweet, katie, and so skillfully done. kudos to you, and best of luck getting great freelance gigs in Columbia this Fall.

  2. Jeff Kernen Avatar

    Great portraits! So glad to see you posting again. As someone who has looked at just about every blog post of yours, I was getting worried. Obvious fan.

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