Nature Photography – Little Brown Bat Photography in Columbia, MO

So… the craziest thing happened to me today.  I was changing Jack’s diaper, and realized that the window was open (we had the air on, it was 95 today!).  I kept one hand on him, reached over and closed the window, and then went to close the curtain.  When the curtain slid across the rod, I was in the middle of turning back to Jack when I realized something had fallen off the curtain and into the trash can.  I peered into the trash, and saw what looked like dark brown leaves… then I slowly realized, THOSE ARE WINGS!  I immediately took the two handles of the bag (we use plastic grocery bags for trash liners) and closed up the bag.  I emptied the bag into a brand new tupperware container to quickly show the boys next door, and then snapped a few photos.  So cool!  I’m fairly certain this is a “Little Brown Bat”.  Very common, not endangered.  And turns out, we have a huge gap in our screen in that window.  Will definitely be getting that fixed ASAP.  ;)

This first photo was just one of the first shots I took… totally overexposed, but I think there’s something cool about it…

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