my dream job…

it’s actually not as a salmon berry picker. BUT, between assignments today while taking old dirt roads through the county i came upon a road lined with salmon berry plants. i stopped and picked a whole jar’s worth and thought to myself, i have my dream job (internship). i get to go and do all sorts of fun and different things during the day… i get to drive through the county and go to the very tops of skyscrapers… i get to meet the most curious of people and talk to them about their lives. tomorrow is my second to last day at the bellingham herald, and i’m going to miss it so much. :(







5 responses to “my dream job…”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    you have the most wonderful eye. dont ever stop shooting

  2. Aaron Avatar

    Congratulations, Katie. You came away with some really nice work in Washington. Where you going next?

  3. Amanda Avatar

    Oh, Katie! I can't wait to see what happens next . . .

  4. Fred Barnes Avatar
    Fred Barnes

    Katie you are fortunate to have an internship at a great newspaper but they were also fortunate to have such an amazing, gifted, dedicated photographer with a unique vision.

  5. katie Avatar


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