Macro Flower Photography – Floral Intimacy – Succulents

In continuing with my ongoing Floral Intimacy project, here are a few of my favorite macro photographs of pink and sea green succulents that I shot recently…

I fell in love with succulents in a tiny apartment off Broadway over 10 years ago, and ever since then, I’ve been hooked. I love their pale, romantic colors and thick, fleshy leaves. With modest flowers, the beauty of these little plants lies in their repetitive patterns of growth, and subtle color changes that remind me of the ocean and the desert, and a tiny apartment off Broadway, all at the same time.

1 thought on “Macro Flower Photography – Floral Intimacy – Succulents”

  1. Katie, every time I try to make beautiful photos of flowers I think of you. It seems like it would be so easy, but it’s actually super hard! I appreciate this lovely project of yours.

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