3 thoughts on “irish eyes”

  1. Katie, Excellent job blending the words, music and images into a seamless multimedia piece. Too often it is hard to follow who is taking in a slide show, this however was not one of those times. Loved the photo of the male dancer airborne in your low angle shot and the young girls giggling in your final photo.

  2. Hi Katie

    Was on Mlive this morning looking at reviews of the Great Lakes Irish Music Festival last Saturday night and saw your pics – awesome!

    I was there taking shots also just for my enjoyment of photography and saw you shooting – I was very impressed with how you went about your business – very courageous – jumped right in there and took pics of everything. I was going to ask you a few questions but saw you were probably working and didn’t want to interrupt.

    Anyways, your shots are fantastic – keep up the great work!

  3. patrick, thanks for your kind words! i wish i knew who you were at the festival! not sure if you’ll see this comment response or not – but i’d love to see some of your shots from the event…

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