introducing the lovely estella…

…and her kin:






5 responses to “introducing the lovely estella…”

  1. Fred Barnes Avatar
    Fred Barnes

    Katie, Wow great portraits of Estella and fam. Love that 50mm lens you’re using. I like the lighting also is it available or umbrella/softbox?

  2. katie Avatar

    i used a flash to bounce off the ceiling – plus emily had a big glass door, covered in a transparent white curtain – thus acting as a huge softbox… lucky me!

  3. Chris Barnes Avatar
    Chris Barnes

    looks good. little baby.

  4. hook Avatar

    love the light in all of them!

  5. Emily Katelyn Avatar
    Emily Katelyn

    Katie these are awesome! I love the top shot with them holding her up by the overalls. Very nice. I also like the red couch and the bonnet.

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