i’m more interested in the rodents than the actual animals!

i think all moms feel like this at one time or another…

p.s. thanks to catalin for helping me get my blog pictures bigger again. i know how much he appreciates seeing these at full size…






6 responses to “i’m more interested in the rodents than the actual animals!”

  1. treehugger Avatar

    I want to thank Catalin too.

    And of course you Katie for posting big and without watermarks. A photoblog I use to visit has added them and it’s terrible. He claims that he has found some of his pictures stollen in other webs… ugly.

  2. August Kryger Avatar
    August Kryger

    Holy crap. For a second I thought those were sausages, and then I realized…

  3. Mo-P Avatar

    FYI, you’re not supposed to touch the babies!!!!

  4. cata Avatar

    i had a pet when i was a kid. it was a white hamster female. i was crazy about that little white rat. one day i introduced her to one my friends’ male hamster, and after that she had puppies. and for some reason she ate some of then right after she gave birth. within a few weeks i gave them all away. i’m sure nature has its reasons, but that thing was just sick!
    and from what i know, Mo-P is right – you shouldn’t touch the puppies.

  5. ::: Eddie Quiñones ::: Avatar
    ::: Eddie Quiñones :::

    nasty little rodents! How did you get your pictures big again? I somehow lost the ability.

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