11 thoughts on “i made a photo story, out of a car.”

  1. It’s a little known fact that Santa Claus actually delivered the little baby Jesus along with toys for all the good boys and girls. That Mary character was just a ploy.

    Nice work cousin.

  2. THAT is one awesome car! You’re work is super- keep it up ( p.s. saw your photo in Outside Magazine – congrats)

  3. Wow!!!!!!!
    People are so funny,it’s wonderful.

    P.S. What outside magazine photo?!?!

  4. Krista Schinagl

    that was awesome…i can’t believe you can take so many photos of the same thing and have them be that entertaining

  5. i concur with all the above comments, but by far the best part is the synchronization at the dah-ta-dah parts….LOL!!! (also scary good)

  6. goose bumps!

    That’s what I’ve got at the picture that says ‘sweet Caroline’

    Super cool, many thanks! you are grate!

  7. Oops, I didn’t mean that you are a grate. Nor a great grate. Just grate, a grate artist.

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