2 thoughts on “i can’t believe i didn’t eat any ice cream…”

  1. Emily Katelyn

    It looks so good Katie! Yay team! I like how you opened it with the food details and the poppy transitions are cute. Now I just need to get my hands on one of those lenses…

  2. I like the opening too-the quick, closeup shots of food synchronized with the beat of the music…The flaming grill shot-great…the blue ice and the girl with the pink clothes-great…the dancers with elvis blurred in the bkgrnd-great…straight-down shot of the hot dog garnishes-why didn’t i do that-duh!…shot from behind to close-great.

    Overall captures the event with the music and interviews-well balanced-GREAT job Katie!

    Not sure what the deal with the lens is but I want one too!

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