hurricane irene visits snow pond, nh – update I

with no concord monitor assignment to fulfill today, i simply cannot let go of my urge to document the hurricane.  therefore, i’ll be posting updates from snow pond throughout the day to YOU, my dear blog readers.  ;)

it seems like the hurricane has weakened quite a bit from what the reports were saying yesterday.  after photographing a wedding in st. johnsbury, vt last night, we drove home and faced some light rain.  this morning we woke up to more rain and 15-20 mph winds (according to  the wind does seem to be picking up, and 40-50 mph gusts are expected later this afternoon.

here are a few photos, and as you can see from the last photo, the heavy rains have breached our roof wall, forcing our living room rug to shut down.  shame.

2 thoughts on “hurricane irene visits snow pond, nh – update I”

  1. Hi Katie! Bill and I are holed up in Burlington, VT, waiting for a group of beginning farmers from Missouri to arrive later today and tomorrow. So far just rain here, though it looks like the wind is picking up a little bit. Looking forward to following your blog today!!
    Jill Lucht

  2. Hurricane season is one of my least favorite seasons, but I would feel the same way as you wanting to document it, especially if I didn’t have any assignments to shoot. My husband and I were talking about this yesterday, and he flipped out when I told him that, if there were a hurricane to come to Louisiana, I’d be out covering it, and he could stay home and/or evacuate with the pup…

    Stay safe and dry-ish!

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