hurricane irene visits snow pond, nh – update ii

we’ve had some pretty strong wind gusts, and max had to do some one to one counseling with zelda, who appears to be highly concerned.  it looks like the worst of it is starting now and will last until later tonight, so provided we don’t lose power, the updates will continue!

(below) max heads back from the dock after tying the canoe down, which already had about six inches of water in it!

(below) zelda watches as max secures a tarp down to the porch, in the hopes of limiting our growing pots and pans circus to save our rug.
obsessed with the mail, max battles the hurricane to see what vintage t-shirts might await him in the mailbox.




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  1. JM Avatar

    That’s a lovely picture of Max and Zelda, something you’ll cherish in years to come i reckon.
    I’ve been following your blog and site for a bit and i think your a very fine photographer!

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