hosta love…

this is one of my favorite pictures that has run in the monitor during my whole time at the newspaper…

what do you think, black and white?  or color?






6 responses to “hosta love…”

  1. Ramsay Avatar

    very gorgeous

  2. andy Avatar

    B/W baby! Nice really both ways, but I like the BW! it’s how the world was before color film!!

  3. Leslie Avatar

    gotta say B/W, the white edges of the leaves make it look like something on the molecular level…very cool!

  4. Kati Avatar

    Color! I would normally say black and white, but somehow in this case that strips away the reality.

  5. Hillary Avatar

    Been following your blog for a while, I just love your work. Coming out of the shadows to say i want both hanging on a wall in my house. Such gorgeous lines and texture! Thanks for sharing your work here :)

  6. Travis Avatar

    I am going to have to say color on this one. We here in New Hampshire had a long, very snowy winter followed by a gray, rainy spring so any showing of green is even more appreciated than normal!

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