steam murmation…

A few weeks ago, I went out to get some wood for our wood stove.  I took a flashlight with me, and after a few paces in the sub-zero weather, I realized that I could see my breath vaporizing and swirling in front of me through the beam of the flashlight.  I thought about what a cool photo it might be if I could capture motion of these tiny water molecules… which I tried a few minutes later.  Turns out, it’s tough to photograph your own breath while holding a flashlight and a camera.  ;)  I ended up bringing a pot of boiling water outside, set the flash light on the woodpile above the water, and made some pictures.  These remind me a bit of a starling murmation

1 thought on “steam murmation…”

  1. That’s pretty cool (in both senses…).
    I keep a flashlight in my trunk for no other purpose than photography (so far, I haven’t used it for anything else).

    Flashlight and duc tape (or is it “duck”?) = the greatest inventions of our era.

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